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Gasec is the friend of Eryaman Fast Bridge
Adı Ve Soyadı / Name and Surname Adam Pawlowski
Doğum Tarihi/Birth Date  1967
Meslek / Career Nörolog / Neurologist
Hobi / Hobbies Bridge , music , travel and nature
Yorumumuz / Our explanation Eryaman'ın Polanyalı dostudur.Evli ve çocuksuzdur,
3 köpeği vardır.

Hi Timur
My name is Adam Pawlowski - am 41 years old, neurologist. Married for 6 years , no children. My wife Eve is pharmacist.
We live in Inowroclaw 100 000 town in central Poland. We live together with my father (71 years old) in our own small house with
kind backyard. We've got 3 dogs. I am interesting in bridge , music , travel and nature. I've never been in Turkey yet , but friends told me
this is very beautiful country. If I only have more time I'd like to visit your wonderful country , but till now have had no opportunities. maybe some day...
I have just came back from abroad - was invited by the bridge club to play there life bridge - that was great experience for me.
In april am going for 3 weeks to Israel revisiting my bridge friend from those country. She has visited me last year with her husband - we have had wonderful time together visiting most interested cities in my country.
I am sending you few pictures - of me, me and my wife and me with my friend from Israel.
That is all for now - waiting for pictures of you and your family.
Take care my friend Adam

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